Diagnostic Venation Pattern | Noun

 /dīəɡˈnästik vēˈnāSHən ˈpadərn/

  1. The expression’venation’ explains the way the veins in a leaf or inside the insect’s wing are arranged.

Cannabis is a dioecious herb that blossoms annually. The very first pair of leaves typically have a single booklet; this number slowly climbs up to a max of approximately 13 leaflets per leaf, with the typical amount being seven or eight. This, however, is based on the strain and about the plant’s development requirements. The decrease leaf pairs normally happen in a different leaf arrangement along with also the very best leaf pairs in a different arrangement on the main stem of a plant.

Cannabis leaves possess a strange diagnostic venation pattern that allows even people that aren’t very educated about the crops to distinguish a cannabis leaf out of unrelated species that have comparable depart patterns. As isn’t unusual in serrated leaves, every serration includes a fundamental vein extending into its proposal. From the cannabis plant, the serration vein starts upwards from lower down the center vein of the leaflet, typically contrary to the status of, but not the very first elite down, yet another elite. This implies that on its own way in the midrib of this leaflet to the tip of the serration, the strand functioning the tip of the serration goes near the top notch. On event the strand will truly pass tangent to the top notch, but frequently it is going to pass by in a little space, and if that occurs a spur vein (occasionally a pair of those spur veins) branches away and unites the leaf margin in the deepest stage of this elite. This venation pattern changes slightly among types, but it enables a individual to inform cannabis leaves from superficially similar leaves without any difficulty and without a special equipment.