Dry Sieve Hash | Noun

/ˈdrī siv hash/

  1. Dry sieve hash is derived through the use of an extraction process that splits the trichomes of the cannabis plant from the plant’s material utilizing a metal screen. The process of making dry sieve hash is simple. The dried flowers and buds are sprinkled across the surface of a wire mesh screen. The plant material is then vigorously rubbed across the screen to break it down and release the trichome-rich powder.  Most hash is manufactured using the lower buds and leaves of the plant; however, dry sieve hash is made using the upper buds and flowers in order to obtain the greatest concentration of trichomes, cannabinoids, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

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A ball of marijuana sift with chunks crumbled off spread out across a white background. Macro close up.