Dry Sift Hash | Noun

/drī sift ‘haSH/

  1. Dry sift hash is a hands on approach to separating trichome heads from leftover plant substance of usable marijuana blossom. The item is normally in a granular consistency. Dry sift hash can maintain the exceptional terpene profile of the flower being processed. It’s made without chemicals and could be chosen by some. Dry sift hash is able to inhale and melt completely, leaving no residue. This technique of hash creation can also be able to maintain the potency better than bubble hash. Flowers are hand-rubbed across screens as well as the key is accumulated. Trichome glands separate from the flower and are passed through a set of screens with increasingly fine micron size make sure only the best product moves through. The perfect is to conduct the sifting in a cold and dry environment so that the flower doesn’t become mushy.