Earwax | Noun


  1. Earwax is another slang term for hash oil.
  2. The earliest known reference to the use of hash oil, cannabis earwax, or any of the related substances dates back to the Sumerian times. As the discovery of fire has swept across the ancient Middle East and Northern Africa, its use was necessary for the existence of the people living in these areas. The fact that the earliest cultures and civilizations on the planet to use the same basic building blocks we all do in our homes today is certainly a big clue to how primitive these early civilizations were.

    Hash oil, earwax, or other related substances are used to create scents that are used as funerary rites. The essence of human life and all its joys and sorrows are being completely purified in the process. In addition to this, the psychoactive substances are also used to draw people out of a meditative state of mind where they can seek spiritual guidance. This type of enlightenment has often been referred to as ‘Ayahuasca’ in modern times. Because the sheer amount of various psychoactive substances needed to create a spiritual experience is vast, the shaman or healer uses only a small fraction of what is available to create the ideal environment.

    All of these elements are quite important functions. They play a large role in the overall health and well-being of the individuals that consume the substance. Their health is enhanced by their regular consumption and awareness of the psychotropic effects. However, the psychoactive effects are often mistakenly believed to be the main goal of the producers. In fact, that is not the case at all. You should think of hash oil, earwax, or similar psychoactive substances as a component that enhances the overall experience of the whole endeavor.