Bold Is A Path

Not A Process



The EST. BOLD team constructs the environment in which brands move. By immersing ourselves in this environment our team is able to identify potential growth in a market and determine target audiences in order to establish brand objectives

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Identify and Construct

By analyzing the market in which a brand exists and evaluating their competitors, our team can identify trends, engagement and the impact a brand currently has in the market. This crucial step is key in establishing the course in which we follow to ensure marketplace growth and stability for a brand.

Identify Critical Points

During the audit, our team may identify conflicts and inconsistencies in a brand. These obstacles ultimately establish the strategic framework for a brand; a series of recommendations and areas of improvement that will enable a brand to impact its target audience in a more influential way.

Progressive Branding

We live in an exciting time. People, ideas, culture, technology and our way of thinking is constantly evolving. In order for a brand to stay relevant, it must evolve too. Luckily, our team specializes in developing dynamic and innovative brand strategies for today, while anticipating tomorrow.



The EST. BOLD team believes that the foundation of every successful brand is a comprehensive and strategic plan. By deriving the values and essence of a brand, our team is able to develop a roadmap for long-term brand success.

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Brand Platform/Brand Identity

The brand platform consists of the vision, mission, promise, personality and voice of a brand. These key elements define the brand’s visual and verbal identity. They also ensure that brand building follows in a coherent and consistent way, ultimately guiding the company’s steps in a single direction.

Differentiating Your Brand

To differentiate a brand from its competition, information gathered during the brand audit is used to define any of the brand’s unique selling points. These points are used during the branding process to set the brand apart from its competition to its potential customers.

Brand Architecture

Our team uses a brands architecture to further uncover and understand the values and positioning of a brand. By simplifying the architecture, we can more easily mark the hierarchy of these divisions and their relationship to each other. This streamlines the brand’s products, into a global and coherent vision.

Digital Strategy

At EST. BOLD, we understand that the digital world is a fundamental part of a brand’s universe and must complement the overall brand strategy. The digital world is where a brand has the opportunity to come alive and communicate directly with its target audience. This provides a more direct and objective way for a brand to manage its perception over traditional media.

Optimizing Brand Presence

While digital provides a more effective way for a brand to communicate with its followers, admirers and customers, it also provides an avenue to boost brand presence. Using influencer marketing and word of mouth, we are able to enhance the value of a brand by converting people into loyal customers.



The EST. BOLD team initiates the creation of an identity through what we like to call “The Bold Technical-Creative Process”. Through this process we translate the brand’s platform into existence with a clear and memorable message.

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A Great Identity

The creation of a robust brand identity depends upon extensive research and strategic planning unlike any other area of design. A truly great brand identity takes into account everything, everywhere and everyone the brand will ever come into contact with and is broken into 3 parts. The naming of a brand, the Verbal Identity of that brand and the visual identity of that brand.


It is our goal to find an effective and powerful name that will bring together the essence of the brand, express its personality and tell its story while considering all its possible cultural connotations. It must also be unique, and transmit all the values and positioning of the brand as it grows in a market saturated with impacts. When we create a brand, the name is a vital part of its entire body, as it will more than likely accompany the brand throughout its lifetime.

Verbal Identity

By using information obtained during the brand audit, our team creates a voice to align with the personality and tone of the brand. This is perhaps the most important identity for any brand as it will be used in all forms of communication as well as in tandem with the visual identity.

Visual Identity

A brand’s visual identity is the illustration of its voice, providing a tangible way for consumers to connect with a brand. Our team uses this among other variables in the creation of a brand’s logo, form, typography, image and color, forming a memorable and truly unique identity.

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