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  • Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition— An Educational Forum & Innovations Marketplace 
    We look forward to Women Grow’s CEO Kristina Neoushoff and some of its members as speakers on our panels this year at the 4th Annual Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition. For the those already involved, or interested, the rapidly growing cannabis industry, the place to be from June 14-16 is #CWCBExpo which is returning […]
    Kristina Neoushoff
  • Four Twenty Week 2017: Where We Stand
    We asked our CEO and our Market Leader teams for some 420 quotes of wisdom coming from their hearts and markets on where we stand on 420... here's what they said! The post Four Twenty Week 2017: Where We Stand appeared first on Women Grow.
    Kristina Neoushoff
  • 2017 Leadership Summit Lightning Talks Video On Demand Now Available – Get Instant Access Now!
    We are very excited to announce our 2017 Summit Lightning Talks are now available! We invite you to click this link and view 33 Talks plus our amazing trailer. For those who were not able to attend summit or want to revisit our remarkable TED-style talks, here is your chance. Talks will be available for […]
    Kristina Neoushoff

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  • The urgent need for sophisticated leadership
    Leaders around the world have never had so many dilemmas to navigate and contradictions to reconcile. Indeed, successful leaders today must embody and negotiate a set of apparent contradictions in order to thrive in a rapidly changing world. In this article, Blair Sheppard and Susannah Anfield of PwC lay out the six paradoxes of contemporary […]
  • Management lessons of The True Believer
    Eric Hoffer's worldview was informed by a lifetime of manual labor -- and furious reading. Business leaders can learn a lot from his insights into the human need for meaning, belonging, and validation.
  • Tom Frieden's plan for public -- and economic -- health
    Dr. Thomas Frieden, former head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has been working on vital public health matters for more than three decades. In an interview with strategy+business, Frieden, who currently runs the public health nonprofit Resolve to Save Lives, describes why public health is the route to economic health and outlines […]
  • The clear Sky strategy
    Jeremy Darroch, the long-serving CEO of broadcasting giant Sky, has led the company through a series of transitions, including the rise of streaming, increased digitization, and the company's 2018 acquisition by Comcast. In an interview with strategy+business, Darroch describes the company's strategy and how he views constant renewal as the path to relevance.

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  • The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
    Emotional intelligence is no longer a ‘nice to have’ in the workplace, but a ‘must have’ to be effective in the modern workplace. Today’s post is by Asha Tarry. Emotional intelligence skills are those important soft skills that are now reaching the desk of more and more leaders. It used to be targeted as a […]
    Ryan Shaw
  • Collaboration Improves Business Outcomes
    Creating a culture of overt collaboration is foundational to an organizations ability to maximize results. Today’s post is by thoughtLEADERS principal Maureen Metcalf. In the United States, where we recently came out of a challenging election season, a concern for many leaders in the last few months has been creating workplaces where all employees are focused on […]
    Ryan Shaw
  • Change Starts At The Top
    Leadership cannot be do as I say, leadership must also be do as I do, show your team how you want to operate. Today’s post is by Pat McManamon, author of The Intentional Sales Manager (CLICK HERE to get your copy). As a sales leader, you have to admit it’s been an interesting year. You’ve […]
    Ryan Shaw
  • Creating Galaxies Not Pyramids
    The top-down hierarchical structure of organizations is limited and outdated.  Here are four tips for leaders to adjust their strategic planning process to support a networked model. Today’s post is by Chris Yates, author of Share (CLICK HERE to get your copy). During my work from home life, kids have been teaching me how to win […]
    Ryan Shaw