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  • Everything You Need to Know About THCA Crystalline
    THCA crystalline is one of the most complicated forms of cannabis to make, but the final product is one that is coveted by many for its extremely high THCA content. The end product itself has many benefits, especially for those looking to solely reap the benefits of THCA without any extra compounds present. [...] The […]
    Nic Shafer
  • Is Butane Extraction Safe: How To Use Hydrocarbon Extraction Safely
    Today, we’d like to take some time to discuss a less exciting albeit required piece to the cannabis processing puzzle — safety. For the sake of this article, our main focus will be closed loop extraction utilizing light hydrocarbons as our primary extraction solvents -specifically butane. The most commonly accepted safety concern for [...] The […]
    Nic Shafer

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  • This Week in Weed, Greatest Hits: The Docta Of Archive Seeds | Brian Kaiser
    From state of the art growing and extracting supply companies, to concentrates and edibles makers, some of the highest quality products in the country are starting to emerge from the Pacific Northwest. A prime example of this high quality can be found from the genetics company Archive Seeds. Archive is the region’s leader in premiere […]
    Archive Seed Bank