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Australia Govt Dept of Health


In April 2018, the Commonwealth and State and Territory Health Departments announced they would work collaboratively to streamline access to medicinal cannabis for Australian health practitioners. This announcement made reference to a 'single-in' application process through which medical practitioners could notify or apply to both the Commonwealth and the relevant State or Territory Health Department (where applicable) to prescribe and supply medicinal cannabis products via a single application. Historically, prescribers of unapproved medicinal cannabis products have been required to separately apply/notify the TGA and the State or Territory Health Department (where applicable) for approval/authorisation to supply these products.

Use of this online system will reduce administrative burden on health practitioners and provide users with additional system benefits to manage their SAS applications and notifications.

Phone numbers:

  • 1800 020 653 (free call within Australia)
  • +61 2 6232 8644 (overseas call)
  • 02 6232 8644 (for mobiles that do not allow 1800 calls)

Visit Special Access Scheme and Authorised Prescriber Online System. Australian Government Department of Health 


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