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Blocksburg Family Farms is a second generation Farm located in Humboldt County Ca. We have grown up in the rural area of Blocksburg being taught the art of cultivating cannabis from our parents who settled here in the 1980’s. My father Lawrence Ringo taught me his organic farming practices we still continue to use today. We specialize in exotic high CBD and THC strains. We are a community based farm who strive to provide a clean quality product grown with you in mind. 


Ridgeline Farms focuses on quality over quantity, family values and environmental stewardship in our owner operated Cannabis Farm. We care deeply about cannabis, growing it with natural and organic techniques that both produce the highest quality product and protect the natural habitat we are lucky to be surrounded by. 


The mission of Humboldt Redwood Healing is to provide environmentally conscience and sustainable top quality cannabis while providing living wage employment to help our community prosper. We will be leaders for our community and industry. Helping change the perception of cannabis farmers in the aspects of environmentally friendly, clean , community minded, safe and fair employment opportunities . Never balancing the budgets on the backs of our employees . Quality over profits and always doing the right thing. Constantly holding the government accountable while demanding respect for our industry.


Humboldt County rivers run wild. Selecting their destinies, cutting across the landscape, they wind their way towards Northern California’s Great Pacific. It’s here you’ll find us: Sunnabis, Humboldt’s Full Sun Farms. Nestled among these rivers, at home between these trees, our cannabis plants thrive in unadulterated sunshine.We at Sunnabis Farms hail from the hills near the East Branch of the South Fork of the Eel River. We’re second generation cannabis farmers, raised here in Humboldt. What does that mean for you? Our family cultivates heritage strains. Our farming techniques and seed stock were lovingly preserved and passed down for decades. Our roots go deep.


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KayaHub was developed to connect consumers with legitimate cannabis businesses in a respectful, forward-thinking manner. KayaHub is more than a directory though. We are a creative group agency and a media group. We provide merchandising services as well as many ways to get your message in front of millions of users and potential clients. All or our work is custom and tailored for each and every person and business. If you’re a legitimate cannabis business and would like your business highlighted, please contact us at info@kayahub.com.

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