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  • Is Terpene Preservation the Key to Saving the Craft Cannabis Industry?
    Alec Dixon, Terpenes and Testing Magazine | Indica, sativa, and hybrid are the colloquialisms that have dominated cannabis culture and the corresponding marketplace since the beginning. While recent literature has proven that this archaic vernacular has little validity, the continued use of this vocabulary has only hindered the education and…
  • Emerald Cup and SC Labs Celebrate 13 Years of Collaboration and Culture Preservation
    Tim Blake, Skunk Magazine | Through combined terpene testing and classification, the Emerald Cup and SC Labs hope to lead the conversation away from ‘indica vs. sativa’, and THC potency and hope that cultivators, brands, and consumers will begin cataloging, conversing, and marketing based on a cultivar’s unique aromas, flavors,…
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  • Finally, A Health Insurance Program Crafted For Cannabis Businesses
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Jennifer Zalkin The National Cannabis Risk Management Association 1-833-696-2762 jzalkin@ncrma.net Introducing Health ReLeaf by the NCRMA [Pittsburgh, PA]: The National Cannabis Risk Management Association (NCRMA) announces the launch of a new health insurance program for cannabis companies – Health ReLeaf. Over the past decade, premiums and deductibles…
  • Safety and Health Plans for Cannabis Facilities
    Safety and Health Plans for Cannabis Facilities Each company should have a Safety and Health Program, with employee training procedures, hazard identification and assessment, and safety and health plans/programs.  This is sometimes referred to as the company’s safety manual. The manual is site-specific with  the applicable OSHA standards for that…
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How CBD Could Help With Injuries from Mixed Martial Arts

How CBD Could Help With Injuries from Mixed Martial Arts

Perhaps nowhere in sports has CBD become as loudly normalized as in mixed martial arts (MMA) — especially in its most prominent league, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Even before the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD from its banned substances...

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