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Wake And Bake

  • THC Salve Recipe | How to Make a Cannabis Salve
    In these past couple of weeks that I've been back and working at Wake + Bake full time, I've been diving into the thousands (yes thousands!) of questions that came in over the past 3 years. I've gone down more rabbit holes than Alice and am constantly amazed by how…
  • Weed Facts: THC vs. CBD | Properties, Side Effects, Benefits, and Uses
    With all of the information and misinformation about this plant, we’ve decided to tackle one of the biggest questions in cannabis: What’s the difference between CBD and THC?  It’s confusing enough having to differentiate between terms like Cannabis, Hemp, and Marijuana (more on that later), but having a grasp on…
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Cannabis Cheri

  • Solventless Rosin: Pressing Cannabis Rosin Primer
    What is RosinLet’s start this discussion by defining what I mean when I say cannabis rosin.  Rosin can come in many forms: weed rosin, wax rosin, hash rosin, and even live rosin (more on this later), but all rosins have two big things in commonThey are all types of cannabis…
  • Cannabis Cheri: Improving Edibles’ Flavor; Fabulous Reefer Risottos
    10-2-2021 Hi Everyone! The girls have grown tremendously since last I saw them.  If you too are about to harvest, be sure to check out the Essential Tools for a Successful Marijuana Harvest article. This week I offer up two of my favorite risotto recipes, medicated of course, and also…
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Sous Weed

  • How to Make a CBD Calendula Salve
    Homemade CBD Calendula Salve, Photography by Monica Lo For the past year, my hands have been cracked, itchy, and dry AF from constant hand sanitizer use but this CBD Calendula Salve has been the biggest lifesaver. I started a medicinal garden as my pandemic project and have been spending quality…
  • How to Sous Weed: Sponsored by How to Do the Pot
    Today we’re going back to the basics with a cannabis infusion recipe using the sous vide method, sponsored by How to Do the Pot, a podcast all about demystifying cannabis for women.  How to Do the Pot shares women’s personal stories and advice from experts to help with solutions around…
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KayaHub Blog 

Everything you need to know about the cannabis industry.

How CBD Could Help With Injuries from Mixed Martial Arts

How CBD Could Help With Injuries from Mixed Martial Arts

Perhaps nowhere in sports has CBD become as loudly normalized as in mixed martial arts (MMA) — especially in its most prominent league, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Even before the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD from its banned substances...

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