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Cannabis Staffing Company


  • Make your career in Cannabis Industry
    The legal cannabis industry is growing by leaps and bounds and there are plethoras of career opportunities. Since the legalization business have made millions of profits and have also created numerous jobs for the people. The legalization of cannabis for recreation and medicinal purpose proved to be a boon for…
  • A brief on cannabis staffing agencies
    After the legalization of cannabis for medicine and recreational use, number of cannabis business venture flourished and soon the need and requirement of staffing emerged. Here the role of a professional cannabis staffing company came into picture. A cannabis staffing company is a mediator between the two i.e. a job…
  • How to find a right Cannabis Staffing Company
    Are you finding it difficult to find a right employee for your cannabis business? Drop off the burden of screening the resumes and wasting your valuable time, hire the services of a professional cannabis staffing companies. Outsourcing your recruitment work to such companies is advisable as it not only helps…
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SC Labs


  • SC Labs is First to Create a Hemp Testing Panel that Covers a Range of Contaminants at a National Level
    Company aims to fill the void of national hemp testing requirements to reassure companies and consumers that products are safe. (June 14, 2021, Santa Cruz, CA) – SC Laboratories, Inc., (SC Labs) today announced that the company has received ISO (International Organization for Standardization) accreditation for a comprehensive hemp/CBD testing…
  • New User-Based Permissions in the Client Service Portal
    SERVICE NOTIFICATION | In order to give our clients more control over access to our Client Service Portal (CSP), SC Labs has launched a User-based Permission Tool. The tool allows an administrator to add users, provide unique log in credentials, and assign levels of “permissions” in the CSP—offering you better…
  • The Emerald Cup 2021 and SC Labs Partner on New Data Driven Approach to Judging
    By SC Labs | For the first time, The Emerald Cup, California's longest-running and most prestigious cannabis competition, is testing and sorting flower entries into categories using terpene data as part of the judging process. This year, SC Labs, who has been the testing partner of the Emerald Cup for…
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Everything you need to know about the cannabis industry.

How CBD Could Help With Injuries from Mixed Martial Arts

How CBD Could Help With Injuries from Mixed Martial Arts

Perhaps nowhere in sports has CBD become as loudly normalized as in mixed martial arts (MMA) — especially in its most prominent league, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Even before the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD from its banned substances...

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