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Wake And Bake

  • Healing Without the High: A Fast and Easy CBGa + CBDa Tincture Recipe
    Whew! What a week! I'm going to warn you in advance. This CBGa + CBDa tincture recipe is a real conversation starter. If you make it and tell people that you made it, get ready to chat. With all of the hubbub about cannabis and covid in the last couple of…
  • Mythbusting: The Truth about Cannabis and Covid
    *This Article is Brought to You by Our Friends at Society’s Plant. They dug deep into the research to uncover what’s true and what’s BS in the research paper that took the world by storm last week about cannabis and covid. It was so good, I wanted to share it…
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Cannabis Cheri

  • Cannabis Cheri: Happy Travel Kits; Easy Cannabis Salsa
    1-22-2022 Hi Everyone, Today I have news of a great cannabis travel accessory, that also makes a terrific gift, along with a fabulous infused salsa you can whip up from typical pantry ingredients. But before I get to those, time to take advantage of the BIG SALE on my online…
  • Free DIY Marijuana Massage Oil Tutorial
    Marijuana Massage Oils: An Easy DIY Intro to Cannabis Topicals Cannabis-infused massage oils are without a doubt the easiest of all marijuana topicals to make and likewise an excellent way to try out topical cannabis for yourself.   Besides helping you relax and leaving your skin feeling awesome, marijuana massage…
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How CBD Could Help With Injuries from Mixed Martial Arts

How CBD Could Help With Injuries from Mixed Martial Arts

Perhaps nowhere in sports has CBD become as loudly normalized as in mixed martial arts (MMA) — especially in its most prominent league, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Even before the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD from its banned substances...

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