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Cannabis Staffing Company


  • Make your career in Cannabis Industry
    The legal cannabis industry is growing by leaps and bounds and there are plethoras of career opportunities. Since the legalization business have made millions of profits and have also created numerous jobs for the people. The legalization of cannabis for recreation and medicinal purpose proved to be a boon for…
  • A brief on cannabis staffing agencies
    After the legalization of cannabis for medicine and recreational use, number of cannabis business venture flourished and soon the need and requirement of staffing emerged. Here the role of a professional cannabis staffing company came into picture. A cannabis staffing company is a mediator between the two i.e. a job…
  • How to find a right Cannabis Staffing Company
    Are you finding it difficult to find a right employee for your cannabis business? Drop off the burden of screening the resumes and wasting your valuable time, hire the services of a professional cannabis staffing companies. Outsourcing your recruitment work to such companies is advisable as it not only helps…
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  • Chronic Risk Webinar: Cannabis Ergonomics and Preventing Workplace Injuries
    The NCRMA is hosting a webinar on June 23 to announce the release of a collection of four courses in its NCRMAcademy. The courses will focus on ergonomics and the prevention of workplace injuries in the cannabis industry. The courses will be presented by Alex Hearding, NCRMA’s chief risk management…
  • Alex Hearding Introduces Risk Management to Cannabis
    Alex Hearding, the chief risk management officer for the NCRMA, was featured in an article by the Global Association of Risk Professionals. In it, Hearding talks about how risk management will help the cannabis industry grow and thrive in the mainstream. Hearding is leading the organization’s education and training program,…
  • NCRMAcademy Cann-San Video
    If you missed the May 14 webinar on cannabis sanitation, it is now available here. Watch the video and then register for the Cann-San course. The next webinar on cannabis ergonomics will take place on June 18.   The post NCRMAcademy Cann-San Video first appeared on NCRMA.
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