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Canna Solar
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Canna Solar offers complete turnkey energy saving solutions centered around energy efficiency in grow operations supplemented with solar electricity. Our clients enjoy the experience and expertise of our solar solutions that range from solar rooftop, solar ground mount, solar carport installations and battery storage systems to power your grow.

We provide solutions for small, medium and large growers to ensure they have control & predictability over energy costs as well as the piece of mind you won’t lose power with our battery back up solutions. We know what it takes to work in the highly regulated environments and understand the unique energy consumption needs that small and large grows require.

The cannabis industry is a constantly changing extremely competitive industry. In order to be here for the long haul cannabis growers need to identify ways to lower their input costs and maximize their profit margins. One of your largest expenses growing cannabis is energy. Electricity rates differ by utility and rate plan but understanding how you’re rate plan works, how to maximize your grow cycle and efficiency will keep you in the game.

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