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Creative Maven


Creative Maven offers full scale brand management from conception through execution to cannabis entrepreneurs and businesses looking to create an authentic brand and image for their idea or company.

My name is Keena Moffett, and I am a renaissance woman! I am a business professional and fellow entrepreneur, as well as a creative and artist. I have had the pleasure of owning my own commercial bakery, being a professional photographer and also being an author of one of the first cannabis cookbooks to focus on removing the "stoner" stigma from the use of the plant. I wrote "Cannabis Creations: Beyond the Brownie" in 2016, and I'm so happy that I did. Many people have shared with me how learning through my cookbook helped them more easily medicate.

I am a cannabis brand strategist who is constantly inspired and excited by all of the amazing cannabis entrepreneurs and business owners who allow the plant to shine in all of its magnificence. As a creative director and photographer, it's my joy to help businesses and brands create an identity that feels authentic to them, and bring their vision to life for their customers.

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