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Humboldt Legends


We found our way to Humboldt,  some by way of the Grateful Dead , where we purchased affordable land that had been ravaged by the logging industry over the prior decades.

Most of our kitchen gardens had a few cannabis plants, propagated from low-grade, seeded Mexican marijuana. We made our own soil, compost and learned to grow better with each season.

During the winter months, we left the farms to see the rest of the world. Soon, intrepid travelers brought the first Southeast Asian seeds home with them. A higher grade of marijuana was grown.

We lived in isolated areas, so we built our own community centers, schools and out of necessity - our own kitchen gardens. We also grew cannabis.

By happenstance, a few unfertilized plants matured and the first sinsemilla, unseeded marijuana flowers, were harvested and enjoyed. It just so happens that Humboldt has a perfect blend of diverse topography and microclimates for growing marijuana. Over time, Humboldt County developed a well-earned global reputation for the finest cannabis on the planet.

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