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March Networks


Tracking and security solutions for the cannabis industry - Contact Sales

Enhance security, ensure compliance, and get a comprehensive view of your cannabis operation with March Networks integrated video and RFID solution. Our advanced video and data analytics platform, Searchlight for Retail, helps licensed cannabis growers, producers and retailers monitor the location and movement of plants, providing clear video footage of cannabis operations and the ability to rapidly search for missing inventory.

Many growers are using radio frequency identification (RFID) tags on cannabis plants to comply with seed-to-sale laws. Our Searchlight for Retail software integrates with RFID data, allowing for the tracking and visual verifications of inventory as it moves from cultivation to dispensaries. Searchlight’s advanced tools deliver total visibility, allowing for searches on a wide range of data in the RFID tags, including a plant’s ID code and its last detected location. In the case of an anomaly, such as missing inventory, users can quickly access the associated video footage to see exactly what time a plant was removed and its exact location.

Searchlight’s video analytics and point-of-sale (POS) transaction integration gives retailers the ability to rapidly sort through transactions and receive alerts about suspicious activity, such as unusual refunds and voids. Customizable reports help you quickly detect and review suspect transactions.

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