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NOIREBUD is a fearlessly black female owned multidimensional CBD luxury product line which serves multiple demographics with humble charm, integrity, and simplicity. Founded and curated in Brooklyn in 2018 by Carolyn Gray, and has been through three phases of growth. While navigating the cannabis industry and market, Carolyn found there was a lack of paying homage to people of color who were incarcerated for handling marijuana from many brands that were available. There was also a lack of luxury, trustworthy, and affordable product on the market created by anyone from the black or brown community. So as the brand started off from humble beginnings as far as offering, packaging, and name is concerned, Carolyn continuously worked through the first and second phase of her business on creating product that she felt herself and those around her needed on a daily bases. The people began to fall in love with it, but she felt there was something that was a little off. She knew the product was golden and people needed It, but she wanted the brand aesthetic to be unapologetically bold and black. Thus the final phase of NOIREBUD has commenced as a product line that has been tried and true to helping people with ebbs and flows of life. Black Female owned. Made from love and deep thought. Made for all. Determined to keep growing, learning, and refining the offering for the clients that do the same for themselves.

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54, Noll Street, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, 11206, United States
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