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NorCal Cannabis Company is a leader in the growing California cannabis industry, having cultivated their reputation, relationships, and high quality product suite over many years. Our distinguished executive team brings more than two decades of expertise and business acumen and executes a vertical integration strategy that optimizes the balance between production efficiency and retail reach. By maximizing the company's existing engagements with licensed distributors and retailers throughout the state while developing new ones with emerging brands and celebrities, NorCal Cannabis Company is an industry leader from seed to sale.

Not Just Products, Lifestyle Brands
Our goal is to incubate, create and partner to build a full suite of consumer products that meets the needs of every new and existing consumer. We believe that there isn’t just one type of cannabis consumer, so we invest in a variety of authentic brands that enrich lives beyond the product and offer up something greater for human kind. From flower to extracts, edibles to topicals, NorCal brands continue to focus on making cannabis relevant to each person’s unique lifestyle.

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0 Reviews