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Roshi means master. A Roshi is a teacher of Zen Buddhist Monks. One who imparts wisdom, discipline, and practices that result in peace of mind and transparency. Shosin means beginner’s mind. It refers to an attitude of eagerness and openness when studying at an advanced level, just as a beginner would.

Roshi is a collaboration of masters from the cannabis and life sciences industries. It is a marriage of the best practices and processes in cannabis, with the knowledge and software infrastructure that delivers complete product transparency and FDA-level accountability. The platform was weaved from open and eager attitudes working together to design superior solutions.

Roshi’s bringing this very unique knowledge base to cannabis.  Tracking drugs for the FDA is in our DNA. We’re extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to support the most incredible cannabis brands that are constantly improving and guiding our solution’s trajectory.  Roshi believes in supporting those that have carried us this far. Our mission is to empower the leaders in our community with the tools and technology necessary to expand operations while protecting their consumers, brand integrity, and bottom line.


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