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True Blue


As a global leader in terpene technology and flavors, we are dedicated to providing superior quality products and service. A constant drive to innovate and marry technology with nature is at the core of our DNA.

As our company name suggests, we work tirelessly to provide our customers with the finest strain-specific cannabis terpenes and natural flavorings money can buy.

Our pure terpenes and marijuana flavorings are the result of countless hours and iterations of formulations, testing and ingredient sourcing. We will never put a product on the market that we think is inconsistent with our high brand standards. To that end, our cannabis terpenes and flavorings are completely safe for consumption, never made with synthetic carrier agents like propylene glycol, and contain no THC or CBD.

Until recently, our cannabis terpenes and flavoring products were only available to large wholesale clients and manufacturers but we are now making our lines available to the public- whether you are a recreational weekend user or a vertically-integrated nationwide producer, we have you covered!

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