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It all began back in 2004. Gary had the idea to put a friend's headshop logo on stash jars, but that friend passed on the notion. Luckily, Matt, who was his best friend and roommate, was happy to develop the thought into a business model. From the start, the two have been problem solvers. They knew people wanted a quality storage solution that expressed style, and could be relied on to keep bud fresh. At the time, Gary was a graphic designer, and Matt worked for a tech company. They combined powers, and 420 Jars was born right there in their living room.

Over the last 13 years, we've become a nationally recognized and trusted brand because of the relationships we have forged. Our friends, partners, customers, competitors, and especially our co-workers all provide a unique and enjoyable experience for all involved with our business. From our diligently curated store that offers a modern and minimalistic shopping experience to our informative yet funny YouTube channel, we put the people in our industry first. We love everyone on the 420 Science team and think of them as a family. Their passion and creativity inspire us to keep launching fresh products and to have fun doing it.

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6800 West Gate Blvd. #132-57 Austin, TX 78745
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