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Barrels Organics
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Lynwood CA's first CBD shop. Source for quality organic CBD products.

The Barrels Organics team's first hand experience with CBD and hemp products has been the inspiration to open a shop.

In February 2019, one of our partners and lifelong friends (Alex) suffered a severe arm injury in a car accident breaking most of the bones in his left arm and hand which had him using prescription opioids as a form of pain relief. The amount of medicine needed to bear the pain was overwhelming and his inability to function while using them was beginning to take a toll on his mental health. As his dependency grew on prescription opioids, a group of friends, which is now the Barrels Organics team (Tony, Victor and Alex), got together in search for alternative pain relief. The team discovered CBD and were blown away by its effectiveness. Whether topically or ingested, the overall relief that came with it was nothing short of amazing. After 9 surgeries, Alex must continuously go through physical therapy and says "CBD is the only thing that makes my hand feel normal again." As we discovered many other forms of relief CBD brings to the table, we decided that we wanted to share the relief. We wanted to give "Relief by the Barrel" to everyone we could.

The team saw a window of opportunity and decided to open a CBD shop in an underrepresented community. And what better community than the city we grew up in, beautiful Lynwood California. With a goal to provide affordable relief to a community that normally does not see cutting edge shops, the team set out to open the shop July 2019. Naturally, since CBD is a new option, being related to marijuana, a few setbacks were met. Luckily on December 22, 2019 we were able to open our doors to the public and are now operating with amazing support and response from customers who travel distances to visit our shop.

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  • Address: 11606 Atlantic Ave., Lynwood CA, 92821
  • Monday - Saturday: 10:30AM - 8:00PM; Sunday: 10:30AM - 5PM
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11606, Atlantic Avenue, Morton, Lynwood, California, 90262, United States
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