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Bobbis Baked


Bobbi's Baked is Chicago's Plant-Based Infused Chef

Over the last decade, Bobbi's relationship with Cannabis has evolved into a symbiosis between plant and human that fuels and inspires her on a daily basis. Her commitment to sharing the gifts of this ancient medicine has opened the door to a life of service to others through the offering of Cannabis infused, nutritious and deeply satisfying plant-based food.​

She is a Registered Medical Marijuana Patient in the state of Illinois. Her degree in Chemistry and training in French Pastry combine with her experience of chronic pain and relief via Cannabis and plant-based nutrition to bring the patients of Illinois a scientifically mindful and heart centered approach to Cannabis Cuisine.

Her story is one of chronic pain, opioid addiction, and spiritual desolation. It speaks of love and loss, of heartache and self-denial. At it's core, it is a story of triumph over despair and of beauty blossoming out of darkness.

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Chicago, IL, USA
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