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Based in the UK, Calm Beverages Limited is new to the food and drink industry. Our fresh faced approach, has allowed us to dynamically create a range of drinks, without any of the restrictions of working within a PLC. The drinks industry up until now has been stale, it's full of large players, dominating the market with unhealthy fizzy drinks, that are full of sugar or unhealthy chemical sweeteners. We have set out to change this, giving you a range of drinks that taste great and make you feel great.

We specialise in CBD Coffee, Chocolate and Sparkling Water drinks infused with CBD. Life these days is too busy, too many distractions and too many devices...take a little respite, give yourself a moment and have one of our drinks. Our Calm Coffee brand is 100% vegan using only natural ingredients and flavourings, our coffee is fair trade certified and we use UK sourced lipsomal CBD for infusion. Our Sparking Water collection is both low in calories and sugar, yet bursting with flavour, making them the perfect way to rehydrate. Looking for a more indulgent treat? Our Choco "Milk" uses oats instead of dairy making them Vegan friendly and we also have hot chocolate made from real premium Belgian hot chocolate in both standard and white chocolate flavours.

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Springfield House, 2-4 Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK95AA, GB
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