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Deborah L. Costella is a professional chef, culinary instructor, and former dancer. Born and raised in San Francisco, now a Las Vegas resident who adheres to the adage “everything in moderation.” With her degree in Dance and certifications in Early Childhood Education and Culinary Arts, Deborah offers her clients, friends, and family a myriad of dishes that satisfy the hungry heart and stomach, in small 4-ounce portions. After months spent interviewing weight loss surgeons and their patients, as well as her involvement in weight loss surgery groups, Deborah has managed to find a way to offer her clients, friends, and family satisfying dishes without suffering the results of excessive consumption. One 4-Ounce Serving is a chronicle of the supper club, Friends Amid Food, monthly gatherings where everyone at the table has something to offer as well as personal considerations regarding the food they eat. But each and every one of them loves the experience of preparing food and sitting down with others to eat. Deborah is also the author of the children’s story-cookbook Cooking With Granddad and now offers us this collection of food stories and recipes derived from her Supper Club group the Friends Amid Food in One 4-Ounce Serving.

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