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Entourage Hemp
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Entourage Hemp

The advancement of applied cannabinoid science...
In 5 short years we've seen hemp therapeutics evolve from raw CO2-extracted paste dispensed from a syringe and smeared on the gum line to a dizzying array of products where CBD is added to just about anything to get a consumer's attention: water, coffee, beer, dog treats, salty snacks, candy, athletic tape, and shampoo to name a few. Indeed, the versatility of the plant lends itself well to the human imagination.

At Entourage Hemp™ we've focused on perfecting the delivery systems that people like the most and work the best. We've directed our energy to broadening our understanding of the plant, and we've doubled-down on quality, potency, and transparency. It all started with a simple plan back in 2013: make clean and potent CBD products and sell them at a good price. That same philosophy still drives what we do today.

Entourage Hemp™: Indulgence for the Senses and Contentment for the Soul

Cannoid, LLC (the parent company of Entourage Hemp) is a Colorado-based corporation specializing in hemp-based consumer and industrial products. Cannoid operates a state-of-the-art analytical and formulation laboratory in Denver, CO. We provide a range of standard-grade, hemp-based raw materials and consultative support to other academic and pharmaceutical researchers. We also manufacture and distribute consumer products under the Entourage Hemp™ trade name.

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