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Flourish Cannabis


Flourish Cannabis is the brainchild of Payton Curry, an acclaimed chef, and restaurateur who left Michelin-starred restaurants to open a chef-driven alternative to the traditional edibles market.

Art + Science. Our roots are in the culinary arts and our chefs are the creative force behind our iconic flavors. In our earliest days of experimentation, we recognized that the cannabis plant is more than just THC and CBD. There is a science to unlocking the benefits of the free aromatic terpenes – the essential oils that enhance the experience of cannabis – and incorporating them back into our edibles. Our on-site labs assist our chefs in preserving the most valuable elements of the cannabis plant. Our full spectrum infused process provides oils with often more than ten times the potency of our competitors. Our decision to fully infuse our products keeps our dosing consistent and allows for unbeatable quality and maximum efficiency per dose.

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P.O. Box 4795 Cave Creek, AZ 85327
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