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In 2016, Horizon CBD was founded in Owensboro, KY with a simple mission: to improve people’s lives. At Horizon CBD, we provide premium Cannabidiol products containing the highest purity and potency of ingredients. Being one of the fastest growing providers in an industry that is mostly unregulated, we value complete transparency about the contents of our products. While it is true that some companies are providing quality CBD, consumers face a surplus of brands selling substandard, low-quality, and mislabeled products. Many of these companies extract from Asian hemp seeds, providing only a fraction of the therapeutic cannabidiol found in High-Grade plants. To ensure our customers have quality products, Horizon CBD uses proprietary formulations, third-party lab testing and even provides QR codes linked to lab results on every product. We take these steps so you can rest assured every Horizon CBD product actually contains the proper amount of CBD derived from High-Grade Kentucky grown hemp. We truly care about our customers and are proud to provide exceptional customer care and support.

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Address: 3830 State Route 54 #101 Owensboro, KY 42303




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