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Christian Lepore founded LIIV Organics in 2017 with a genuine passion to share the benefits of Hemp CBD products with everyone. It all started one day, when his wife’s numbing sciatica pain ended as a result of utilizing CBD combined with back adjustments from a chiropractor. In addition, he was personally experiencing reduced anxiety from CBD applications. Already a firm believer in the amazing healing properties of the cannabis plant, he was gratified to see the rapid emergence of a multitude of new products in the marketplace. Instinctively, Christian knew this was an endeavor he could direct his energy towards building, and he felt there is no greater fulfillment than hearing positive stories from those whose lives have improved from receiving this natural gift. While spreading the good word, he has heard countless testimonials from people in all walks of life, which keeps inspiring him to encourage everyone to new heights, so that more can join us on this journey.

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1908 Pomona Ave., Suite B Costa Mesa, CA 92627
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