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We have an overwhelming desire to give ourselves and those we love an alternative to conventional ways of calming and nurturing the mind and body. We see hemp-based CBD oil, crafted with integrity, as a way to help us feel more alive. - The Lily CBD Family

Thirty-five years ago, in the week leading up to my parents’ nuptials, my mother got into a car accident. Adrenaline got her through it, but soon after, the pain set in, and she’s been dealing with it ever since. It inspired my journey to try helping her, day by day, to feel alive again. In 2015, the journey ultimately led us to cannabis. After several attempts at procuring CBD-potent flower from a friend in California, our search hit a dead end. This false-start opened us up to a potential new way of helping my mom. In October 2017, we were finally able to get her CBD. We saw early positive results, and the rest is history. She’s been using CBD ever since, and it has directly resulted in a decrease in her physical pain. Lily is dedicated to her and all the caring, entrepreneurial, and strong women in my life. Especially, my Brooklyn great-grandmothers, Lilian and Molly, for whom the company is named.

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