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Society Jane


Let's face it, pot has always been a boys club. A funky little boys club at that. And one that has paid very little attention to the wants & needs of us girls.

But as the rolling wave of cannabis legalization makes its way across the country, women are increasingly curious about the once demonized plant and its potential new, positive role in their lives.

So we've got a lot of catching up to do, ladies. Today's cannabis is definitely not your mama's marijuana. It's potent, plentiful and practically unrecognizable to the novice consumer. And despite our newfound permission to join in, many of us remain on the sidelines waiting for the industry to clean up its act.

So we asked ourselves:

· What if we made it safe, easy, interesting and fun for women to learn about cannabis from women they know and trust?

· What if we introduced some elegance, taste and refinement to the testosterone-soaked cannabis culture?

· What if we worked to challenge stereotypes, dispel myths and remove the stigma of cannabis use among women?

· And what if we helped women shape, grow and fully participate in what experts are calling the next great American industry?

Well pretty soon our "what ifs" became "why nots" and Society Jane was born. And what started as a tiny medical marijuana collective is now a first-of-its-kind cannabis concierge. Now that's girl power!

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