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Sunday Scaries
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It all started when my business partner, Beau Schmitt and I were looking to open up a second location for our brick and mortar. We began creating the business plan, vetting contractors and raising capital all while simultaneously operating our first operation.

We will save you all the gruesome details of the sleepless nights, showerless days, and mild to severe panic attacks.

Simply put, it was stressful as hell.

Beau and I also like to work hard and play hard. The stress of opening the new bar, combined with the moral hangover after a weekend of partying, had us feeling anxious and unworthy. Even when we weren't partying we held ourselves to such high expectations that if we weren't working we felt like we were failing. Luckily, our good friend Garrett introduced us to CBD.

We immediately fell in love with the cool, calm results, and the mild euphoria. The best part? There were absolutely zero side effects. We felt focused, happy, stress free and able to concentrate on what really mattered. There was only one problem…

We didn’t want to spend $8 a day on CBD water. We got tired of CBD powders because we had to measure them with a scale to get the right dosage. (Taking a scale out in public is a quick way to make yourself look like a drug dealer. No shame if that is your game, just not our cup of tea.)

And when we were trying to purchase the right CBD tinctures online there was an astounding lack of information with proper dosing, product information and supplement facts.

We never felt confident about what we were purchasing or putting in our bodies.

We saw an opportunity to do something different. We wanted to create a CBD company that was wildly transparent, easy to dose, simple to take on the go and funny. Because at the end of the day, it’s not just about the chemicals we put in our body, but the mood we show up with every day.

And so Sunday Scaries was born.


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