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Our mission is to pioneer the hemp underwear industry by making the best hemp undies in the world and constantly improving the fit, function and design. During this process we hope to bring more awareness to hemp as an option for clothing, especially underwear.
As we were studying hemp textiles we learned that hemp fabric has many benefits like being naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and super soft and breathable. We quickly realized that the best application for hemp fabric would be hemp underwear and that’s how WAMA was born.
We started from scratch creating our unique hemp fabric. We had a rigorous and super long design process because we wouldn’t accept anything less than perfect. For most this would be their first experience with hemp underwear so we obsessed on every detail from the stitches, pattern pieces, colors and overall design. We want everyone’s first experience with hemp underwear to be nothing short of amazing!

Relax, it's Natural. WAMA is Pioneering the Hemp Clothing industry with Premium Hemp Underwear. We believe everyone deserves to cover their privates with the world’s most Sustainable fabric, Hemp!


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