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Weed World


Weed World was founded by Phil Kilv 1991. Phil ran a store at Glastonbury for 20 years, selling marijuana products like bongs, pipes, grinders. In fact any smoking paraphernalia you could think of.

The concept was to create a magazine unlike any other so World of Drugs was born. Peter Pracownik created the first cover, he is a renowned fantasy artist known for his artwork around Tolkien, Dragons, and his work with musical legends such as Jemi Hendrix, Hawkwind and many more. This magazine had a color glossy cover but the inside was 38pages of black and white. The idea was to sell the magazine at Glastonbury, to promote the products and inform the party goers about the A-Z of drugs, homegrown brew, drugs and effects, drugs and the law and other relevant topics.

The title World of Drugs was only used for two issues. It was decided that it was too broad as it covered all drugs. After this Phil decided to focus on only cannabis, so a new concept was born and Weed World took shape. The aim of the magazine was to look at cannabis in a positive light, show the true benefits of the plant, the medicinal side to it, the laws around it, how to grow and cultivate your own, and educate people in the correct way. Its popularity grew and so did its distribution world-wide. For more info, click here.


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